About Me

Hi! My name is Nicole Wilson, and I was born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin. My family is a combination of his, mine, and ours with 4 children ranging from 20 to 3 years old. We are a beautiful blend of chaos and love.


In 2013, I began to walk my own brave path forward and found the courage to leave a disempowering relationship after 10 years.  Not only did I recognize my own challenges with anxiety, depression, and PTSD more clearly, but I also began to embrace my anxiety as a path to healing and wholeness. 



During my journey through life, I have learned that sharing experiences with others is truly a fast track to personal growth. In my coaching practice, I am able to take my personal experiences and blend them with my years focusing on my own personal development. I have a heart that truly wants to help others.


One of my favorite metaphors is look at myself as a cup. The cup can be filled with whatever I choose. Whether I fill my cup with fear, negativity, or hate or I fill it with love, understanding, courage or positivity, the choice is mine to make. Just as it is your choice for your cup. I have learned that I cannot truly shine with an empty cup. It is my job to keep my cup full and your joy for yours. Once our cups are full, we then have the ability to share the overflow with others. This is true love and gratitude, to share the overflow from our individual cups.

Love, Nicole

Calm the Chaos…

Finding your focus can be difficult with all the outside noise but, you too can quiet the noise and become more focused, with just a little help.
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Professional Certified Life Coach:

Mindfulness, Transformation, & Marketing

Owner, Cusp of Life Coaching

Founder & Creator, Cusp Culture

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Founder, Cusp Culture Shop

Podcast, True and Unpolished

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I help entrepreneurs simplify their business by owning their goals so they can have more time to actually enjoy their business and their lives.
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