Help for the Homeless – Hygiene Drive

We are collecting NEW hygiene and cleaning items for local crisis agencies through The Family Radio’s annual “Help for the Homeless” hygiene drive, Feb. 13 – March 6.

Please place your donations in the Help for the Homeless collection box located at The Local Lounge in Hilbert at 245 W. Main Street by March 6.

Or you could make a financial donation for the purchase of supplies for our community at

Supplying these items to local shelters will help them direct their limited funds to provide qualified staff, counseling, food, and shelter to those they serve. Most urgently needed items are laundry soap, kitchen size trash bags (shelters go thru LOTS of these), shampoo, cleaning supplies, diapers, toilet tissue, and feminine care. Your donations will remain in this community.

Note: Food Share (formerly Food Stamps) does not cover the cost of non-food items such as soap and diapers.

Thank you! You can find more information at or 800-236-9364.