It’s Not Always What You Say, It’s What You Mean

“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” Henry David Thoreau

The worlds collective consciousness has been shifting recently, very rapidly. It is amazing to see the oneness amongst humanity. Everyone can see it, it just depends on if they are open to notice it or not. I find that one of the largest struggles with us humans and communication in this world is word interpretation. Different words mean different things to different people. Most people become so attached to certain words and are unwilling to sway their openness of thought from this attachment. I strongly feel that if we learn to let go of unhealthy attachments, especially with words, is when we grow the strongest.

I once had a close friend that swore up and down, he did not believe in God. We then discussed what his beliefs were. He believed that there was a higher power out there not human, but it was not God, he believed it was aliens. After a lengthy discussion, I came to realize that he and I (a believer in God) actually believed the same thing. He wanted to call it aliens and I wanted to call it God. I had an amazing discovery that day. There really is no difference other than him being brought up strict catholic, the simple word “God” left a sour taste in his mouth, so he refused to be a “believer in God”. To this day, he still believes in love, happiness, higher power but will not “believe in God”. It was such an epiphany for me to realize how much every person, religion, race have in common. If we could only let go of our attachment to certain words and labels. Think about it. The core to every religion out there is basically the same. They just use different words to describe their beliefs of love, peace, unity, and life. It is the power of the universe at work. They are attached to those certain description words. Why? That is what they were taught to believe, based on those words. Not everyone can be right when it comes to anything, especially religion. In moments of discussion, you can either choose to try to be right and keep arguing your point trying to persuade the other or you can choose to be at peace and realize that your words will not make a difference with their beliefs and simply just let the conversation go. I believe that you can be both right and at peace with yourself if you understand others attachments to words is their understanding of the concepts and understand that in all reality, we are all saying and believing in the same things love, peace, unity, and life. Once we learn to let go of the words.

You call it aliens, I’ll call it God or the universe. Together we are one.

Love & Gratitude,


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